Welcome our newest colleagues to the Actors Workout!


Jody Bee is an actor, a director, faking it at being a writer, a yoga instructor, a mother, and hosts “The First Date”, in which she interviews local celebrities while on a fun date. She just finished a five-year stint of interactive theatre as director/actor for The Murder Mystery Co. and has done local collaborative and movement-based performance. She is looking forward to delving back into emotional and psychological work. She has a BFA in English and Theatre from the U of M at Morris and has just started learning to play the violin.




Amanda Becker has been a part of the Minnesota Film Community for over 10 years. She’s written and directed short films – both documentary and narrative styles, but is currently committing herself to the sole exercise of learning how to better collaborate with actors. She also likes long walks in the woods, riding her bike, riding the bus, pulling weeds, 2 person dance parties, talking to people, eating, making her nieces and nephews laugh and good hair days. She believes nothing is more powerful than sharing stories that matter – that reveal our inner lives and connect us at our core.