The Actors Workout is an ongoing class for experienced actors offered in association with the Guthrie Theater. Focusing on the growth and development of the individual artist and presented in a supportive and challenging environment, the class deals with issues relevant to an actor's creative process as well as various working circumstances.

This is a continuous class which gives the actor the ability to have a place to work on an ongoing basis. The Actors Workout is not for beginning actors or those under 18.

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NEW THEME: Heightened Text

January 13th: 2 scene’s

January 20th: Open

January 27th: Open

Meet With Other Professionals

Meeting, sharing and working with other actors, directors and teachers from the Twin Cities and beyond – tuning in to what the opportunities are out there in theatre, film, commercials, independent projects, special training and professional opportunities.

Keep the Dream Alive

Discovering and keeping in touch with what made us want to be actors in the first place – addressing issues that diminish the actor – developing habits and strategies to care for the artist within.

Keep Your Chops Up

Assisting actors in maintaining and improving the practical elements of the craft of acting – the fundamentals of physical life, objectives and actions, characterization, approaching stylized material - handling auditions and interviews. Stanislavski called it “work on the role”.

Expand Your Self

Making the work more personal - deepening the actor’s commitment to the emotional life of a character – nailing down and expanding the actor’s “castability” – challenging the actor’s self imposed limitations. Stanislavski called it “work on your self”.

About the Teacher

Raye Birk

Raye Birk

Raye Birk is an accomplished actor with extensive experience on stage, as well as television and film. He has performed in more than 100 professional productions, appeared in nearly 150 television shows and more than 20 feature films. He has worked at several regional theatres throughout the country, including nine seasons as a leading actor with the American Conservatory Theatre of San Francisco, under the leadership of Bill Ball. He has been a regular on the Guthrie Theater stage since 2003...
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“Raye Birk’s Actors Workout is exactly what I needed. As a professional actor I needed a space to come to keep my chops up and continue to learn my craft with the schedule flexibility to accommodate the hectic, last minute bookings that can make it difficult for me to attend a “class.” At The Workout I’m in a safe place, learning and working with my peers in the industry, asking questions, making mistakes, and taking chances. Raye embodies the consummate actor who is curious, humble, dedicated and professional.”

-Charles Hubbell

“Raye's insightful observations and timely challenges helped me identify a major block to finding joy and freedom in my acting. Through his feedback I have begun to use my imagination and intuition much more to create grounded yet unpredictable performances. He's the best!”

-Kurt Schweickhardt

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